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A group for writers on a quest to take writing dreams from "someday" to NOW



Let's put your awesome writer imagination to work. Roll forward in time to a year from now, and picture this.

You've transformed the way you come to your writing. You show up consistently to the page and it feels amazing. You have writer friends and support systems in place to help you through the hard spots.

You look back at what you've written this year, knowing the investment of time, energy, and focus that have created them. A warm glow of accomplishment flows through you.

You are a Legendary Writer on a quest to fulfill a Legendary Dream.



Based on the principles that make Nanowrimo work so well for so many writers -- without the crazy time crunch--the League is designed to help you get writing and keep writing at any stage of your writing journey.

Here are some of the things you will get when you decide to invest in your writing and join the League.

  • Accountability: Set yearly, monthly, and weekly goals and declare them to the group--then come back around and assess your progress and adjust either your goal or your plan as needed so that you don't just think about writing, but actually get yourself to the page
  • Motivation: Get support from others in the League and borrow their energy and momentum. Join in our virtual write ins. Share your successes, large and small, at our monthly YOU DONE GOOD virtual celebration so that you build momentum and get the achievement endorphins that keep bringing you back to your words.
  • Companionship: Connect with other writers so you are not facing those moments of doubt and despair alone.
  • Support: Ongoing support from me, a writing mindset coach and experienced writer who is still in the trenches, writing along right beside you.


First of all, I am a working writer. My alter ego, Kerry Anne King, is a bestselling novelist and I am, um, a novelist. I have eight traditionally published novels, one indie, and another coming out next year. I'm finally making enough money from my writing to allow me to quit my day job and write full time.

But it was not always so!

When I first started to write I was lost and bewildered. I didn't really know any writers. My doubts were enormous and my self critic was a vicious monster who attacked and sabotaged my work on a regular basis. It took me ten years to write my first novel and I never even tried to get it published. (In retrospect, this was probably a good thing!)

The first year I tried Nanowrimo and succeeded in completing a 50,000 word mess of a first draft, my writing really took off. I had discovered the support, motivation, accountability, fun, and companionship that comes of pursuing a common goal within a group of people who GOT ME and what I was doing.

And that is why I am offering the League to you--so you can experience all of those things and reach YOUR writing dreams.

Oh-- I am also a licensed mental health counselor, an RN, a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and a Myers-Briggs practitioner and I bring all of that experience into the League with me.



Companionship Because this is a small, private group for motivated writers who are ready to invest in their writing lives, you won't get lost in the anonymity of a larger group. Here, your writer companions can see you, get to know you, and support you on your journey.

Set Your Own Goals While challenges like Nanowrimo can be awesome, for some writers the pressure is daunting and 50,000 words in a month is more than time and circumstances permit. Besides, maybe you're not writing a novel. Or you're in the editing process and need accountability for that.

Consistency and Availability Most writing groups meet weekly or monthly. That can be a long time to go without feedback, support, and motivation if you've hit one of those writing moments where you feel like you're floundering or want to give up. Here, I and the other members are never farther away than a Facebook post.

No Guilt or Shaming. Ever. The League offers accountability without guilt, thumbscrews, or pressure. My goal is to help you find and follow your own unique writing process, and do what works for you. If you're not reaching your writing goals, you'll be encouraged to either set a more reasonable goal (we often expect too much of ourselves) or figure out how to get unblocked.

Virtual Write Ins You'll have access to weekly virtual write ins, which a lot of writers find are the single most effective approach to getting more words on the page on a consistent basis.

Acknowledgment Celebrate wins large and small at the monthly You Done Good online awards celebration.



Someday never comes.

If you've been waiting for the perfect time to get started writing, or to get serious about writing, or to really go after a writing dream, know this:

There is no perfect time.

Nobody is ever going to gift you with the time to write. Even if they did--if you're not ready to commit and make your writing a priority--you'll come up with a thousand different uses for the time you have available.

If you want to write a book, the time to get started is now. If you have a book and you want to pursue publication, the time to get started is now.

Yep, your inner demons will blow a big old smoke screen in front of this truth. They'll tell you that tomorrow, next week, next month, will be better. But that's doubt and fear and disbelief talking.

Don't let them keep you from following your dreams for even one more day.

Get started now!



You can become part of the League, right now, for just $15 a month, which comes out to only fifty cents a day.

Yep, fifty cents a day gets you access to an exclusive group that offers companionship with other writers, guilt-free accountability, creative fun, motivation, and support from an established author and creativity coach at your fingertips.

You'll get regular virtual write ins to help you get to your writing and monthly online zoom room celebrations of successes large and small.

PLUS all members get 20% off any classes and coaching packages that I offer during any month that you are a member.

Don't keep your dreams waiting another minute. Get started now.



Maybe you've been burned before by promises that didn't pan out. Or maybe you're an introvert and groups scare you a little. Maybe you're worried this will be one more thing you sign up for and then never get around to.

I get all that.

Which is why I'm offering you a seven day money back guarantee.

If you join the League, have a look around, and decide it's not for you, let me know within seven days of your purchase and I will give you your money back. No questions asked. We can still be friends.

Are you ready? Let's get your words on the page.


Your Instructor

Kerry Schafer
Kerry Schafer

Kerry is an author and writing mindset coach who helps writers ditch their doubts, dance with their demons, and delve into creative delight so they can get their words out of their head and onto the page where they belong.

Personally, Kerry has gone from burned out, frustrated and disillusioned to loving her writing life. She's a bestselling author (as her alter ego Kerry Anne King) a Myers-Briggs practitioner, a certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, a licensed mental health counselor, an RN and a coffee snob. She has written and published nine novels since 2012, mostly while running a household and maintaining a full time job.

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